Wednesday, November 5, 2008

finally I got my IELTS scores:Text Color

Listening 8

Reading 8.5

Writing 7

Speaking 7.5

Overall 8

am I getting lucky?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Difficulties: ways to win

I am as busy as a bee these days of course mentally and physically. Performing the final project, university courses, learning modern scientific techniques and skills, teaching and particularly planning for future are the most noticeable tasks I have to concentrate on. My final project can be divided into two main parts: experimental tests and simulation. Each part again can be partitioned into several sections and each section consists of many different works! You see, there is a disastrous combination of things I should think about! As Remy in Ratatouille said “the only predictable thing in life is its unpredictability!” As a matter of fact, in doing something especially in Iran, you should get used to confront events which you never expect and also brake or sometimes stop the flow of your procedure.
Those kinds of problems can be seen in both scientific parts and humanly behaviours. Let me give you an example of what these brakes are and how they work! In the very beginning of my project I have to conduct the uniaxial compression tests on the cylindrical specimens. I made 60 specimens and it took me more than 1.5 months but when I wanted to do the first test, nothing happened! I mean the power of the hammer of the compression tool was not enough even to make a small plastic deformation. So I had to decrease the size of the test piece from the diameter of 25mm to 20mm. again no plastic deformation! I reduced the size of specimen to 15mm but there wasn’t any deformation effect yet! But eventually the specimen yielded in the size of 12mm. That process lasted one month and accordingly I fell behind with my schedule. About rudely behaviours of people in university I can give you millions of examples of stopping my works, not doing their jobs, irresponsible demeanours, ironic speaking, blowing me off and etc.
Allow me to reach to the main point which I want to get from the first paragraph. Some people fight with these difficulties, some escape from them (like what migrants do), some get confused, some remain indifferent to those problems BUT I accept them as a fact and I try to learn something new without jeopardizing my personal profits or dignity. Of course in some situations I get angry and may be confused but at last there is something new to acquire. You know, learning how to solve scientific problems and behavioural puzzles guide you to a higher level of social behaviour. The interesting point is that after a while, you will gain useful and sometimes unique experiences by acting like that and as a result you will own a novel database of solutions which helps you to win over different difficult problems. Life is a game: the more powerful database and more complete information you have, the more problems you get over and the fewer difficulties you encounter and finally the calmer and happier life you experience.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The generations

“We can’t understand them.”
“They are different; I can’t even imagine those kinds of behaviours.”
“I don’t know what is going on in their minds.”
“Unfortunately there is a deep vale between our generation and the new generation.”
Haven’t you heard or faced to these sorts of sentences? Don’t you familiar with such expressions?
For lots of days, that was my basic question: is there a HUGE difference between old generation and the new ones? And what make people think that those differences separate them from the new generation? I personally believe that there are some distinctions between me and my father and my grandfather and my younger cousins but that is not something strange and abnormal if you understand the essence of time.
Consider four generations: your grandparents, your parents, you and people in the same ages as you and younger children as the new generation. You are able to mark many obvious changes in the behaviours owing to the modification of the quality of the life from your grandparents’ time to now. Each person in any era has a certain and special behaviour BUT as the time runs, he or she should refine or modify his or her routine demeanour so that he or she can communicate with other people. The big problem occurs when we thermodynamically like to remain immovable and regretfully begin to fight with new ideas and behaviours especially those which are not alike to our opinions. So we are responsible for the 50% of the problem and as a result we have to recognize the specifications of the present time and reconsider our manners.
But what about the other 50? I myself think that we can’t expect the new generations adopt their fields of interests according to our anticipations but we can teach them respect and dignity so they will be led to higher level of understanding different people. You know, I mean this is not our duty to force them behave in the way we like or accept, our responsibility is to show them the correct way of behaving people with respect to their personality.
To wrap it up, I individually believe that there is no deep valley and no unusual gap between our generation and the new generation. What I can see are the simple differences exist because of the nature of the time. By being acquainted with the properties of an exact time and improving our conformity parallel with showing the new generation how to admire other ideas we can gradually access to an agreement with different generations specially the new ones and communicate with them in a pleasant way.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Nava left a comment for my first post. I consider it as permission. So the permission has been granted. First of all I want to thanks Nava for her attention. Secondly I will analyse her comment and also her posts for you.
I will update my blog every 3 or 4 days, I mean two times a week and I’ll get happy if you leave a comment for me.

Monday, January 21, 2008

my aims and objectives.

I don’t know where and how to start. Let’s begin like this: I know Nava, she knows me. We are familiar with each other’s logic but the basic point is I think Nava is a pessimist because she only looks at the disadvantages of her own country. It is obvious in her writings that she criticizes everything she faced to in Iran. Unfortunately she sees her utopia in Canada and I completely disagree with her about that. I believe that every place has certain and special properties and characteristics which can not be found in any other places. Wait a moment. Let me explain my opinion: I believe in God and the beauties he created so despite of all dark points in society and people, I think that every people has some good and respectable features. I know that there are some problems in our society but I don’t hate and beyond that I don’t deny it. I try to fix it or at least admit it as a negative point. By the way, I strongly believe that only by escaping and criticizing, we can’t fix and improve our culture and it is our responsibility to work hard on and sweat through it instead of running away and vilify our mother country.
Back to the salt mine; here is a place for me to write my ideas about how we can see the rays of sunshine in the darkness. I hate lying so I make a confession: this is a place to debate pessimistic ideas specially those which transmit by Nava. I don’t want to use strange and complex words and complicated grammar because it is not my aim to write a passage for a TOEFL test! I myself believe in simplicity. I know I will have errors in writing and grammatical rules, but forgive me. I do not really care about these kinds of mistakes. My purpose is something else. Let’s begin making nicer life and debating over Nava’s thoughts.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

my blog!

Hooray; my blog is born today. Congrats to me!!